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Yellow Diamonds Engagement Ring Sales Gaining Popularity

yellow diamond rings by Natalie K

Yellow diamonds can spruce up any engagement ring with a brilliant golden glow. The fancy diamonds have become popular in recent years due to their association with celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lopez, who has a 30-carat yellow diamond ring. The Natalie K collection contains several yellow diamond engagement rings, view the entire collection online. ranging from vintage styles to contemporary masterpieces, as well as a variety of other designer jewelry.

yellow diamond engagement rings natalie k

Yellow diamonds were originally discovered in India nearly 2,500 years ago. During that period, diamonds were found in a variety of colors; however, white diamonds proved to be the most popular. In recent years, yellow diamonds have come into vogue for diamond lovers looking to add a touch of warmth to an engagement ring’s design.

natalie k yellow diamond engagement rings

Yellow diamonds span the color spectrum, from light hues to deeper shades that boast brilliant colors. When selecting a yellow diamond, it is important to choose a tone that will flatter the design of the ring in order to maximize the diamond’s aesthetic appeal.

yellow diamond ring Natalie K

Three-stone engagement rings are a unique and sophisticated choice that represents the past, present and future of love. Yellow diamond, three-stone rings feature a yellow center-stone that is flanked by two white diamonds. The color contrast between the stones makes the yellow diamond appear larger and more prominent. Yellow diamond three-stone rings are offered in several designs, such as modern, emerald-cuts and classic, marquise cuts.

Other engagement ring styles include classic engagement rings and vintage engagement rings. Both styles hark back to bygone eras of vintage rings with unique designs. Classic rings include traditional designs and lines with newer materials in the gems and bands. Vintage rings often include original stones and bands from the past, and vintage-inspired rings have old style designs with newer materials.

If you’re looking to celebrate your lasting love, eternity rings and anniversary rings offer an elegant way to symbolize your enduring relationship. Eternity and anniversary rings are usually made of white gold, yellow gold or platinum bands with understated, classy designs.

How Getting Your Jewelry Appraised Will Protect Your Investment

Selecting the right piece of jewelry to add to your collection is one of those moments where you will know what you need when you see it. However, building the perfect jewelry collection is only part of the jewelry buying equation.

Once you have selected the right pieces and amassed what you believe is the perfect balance of style and flair the next step in the fashion equation is to protect your investment. When it comes to protection your investment, you need to turn to a jewelry appraiser that you can trust like visit their website.

There are several benefits to working with a professional appraiser. The first benefit is that working with a professional is that you will have an accurate record for insurance purposes. Even if the piece was appraised upon purchase, you must have your jewelry periodically reevaluated in order to keep up with market changes. If you are not having your jewelry evaluated every two years you run the risk of taking a substantial loss if the piece is ever lost or stolen. When the market changes you make have an appraisal value that no longer covers the replacement cost of the piece and you will be left footing the bill for the difference.

Another reason to work with a professional appraiser like Gemstrust is that people often have the misconception that their jewelry is automatically covered under their current homeowner’s policy. Most policies read that in order for the jewelry to be covered to the fullest extent the jewelry must be appraised and scheduled separately. Finally, even though you may have received an appraised value upon the purchase of your piece from another jeweler, as with everything we do in life it always advisable to have a second opinion.

When it comes to protecting all that you hold dear, it is important to work with a business that you can trust. Gemstrust is that business. We are well versed in the appraisal process and will work closely with you to ensure that your appraisal is thorough, accurate, and provides all the documentation necessary to protect your investment. At Gemstrust, we are truly the experts in completing your style equation.